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Podiatry is the management of disorders of the foot or foot related structures by medical, surgical, mechanical or manual methods of treatment. At Pine Creek Medical Center, we provide podiatry services, foot health services for conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs.

Pine Creek Medical Center offers a wide range of services such as treating wounds on the feet, basic foot care, callus and corn removal, feet ulceration care, nail surgery, diabetes foot screening, and treatment of anatomical foot problems like clubfoot or flat foot. We also assess and manage prescriptions for orthotics and other walking aids depending on the diagnosis of feet problems.

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Our goal is to provide services for your feet and ankle needs. So, step ahead and let us help you and your family in maintaining healthy feet!


Our team is composed of highly trained podiatrists offering assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of ailments of the lower limb and other foot related structures across all age continuums from the young to the elderly.

Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Routine Foot Care which includes removal of calluses and corns, trimming, clipping, cutting, or debridement of nails, and hygienic or preventive maintenance care and any other services performed in the absence of injury or foot problems/illnesses
  • Treatment of developmental foot deformities/ structure problems
  • Prescription of supportive devices for the feet such as orthotics, orthopaedic shoes, customized ankle braces, and other supportive devices
  • Treatment of plantar warts, mycotic nails, foot infections, diabetes ulcerations and other medical/surgical problems of the foot
  • Treatment of athletic injuries
  • Management of other dermatological problems of the foot, and biomechanical abnormalities
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