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Family Medicine

family medicine

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Serving as the major frontline of Pine Creek Medical Center known as the primary care, our Family Medicine Department consists of general practice physicians and other highly-skilled medical professionals to cater to your needs.

This department is tasked with providing services and maintaining effectiveness utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach through its close coordination with other departments. We assure quality patient assessment, treatment, and management with our modern facilities and equipment.

Specializing in family medicine, we are offer the best quality care to you and your family. Equipped with the latest medical information, training and technologies, our skilled personnel bring enthusiasm and a holistic perspective to patient care and management.

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Pine Creek Medical Center’s medical staff is recognized in the community as leading innovators in implementing new methods of primary health care that are appropriate to your family’s needs. With continuing program and strong academic-research links, we upgrade and train continuously to serve you better.

We believe that it is important to provide the most comprehensive services in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, that is why in our Family Medicine Department, our family physicians coordinate your care, making sure that you and your family receive the best care you need, when you need it, and how you want it done.


Today, we serve thousands of families every year – across many generations and throughout their lives.

This is a place where families are cared for in a holistic way, be it in the hospital or outside the hospital’s walls, your family’s health and wellness is our utmost concern.

While we expand and continue to improve the services we offer, our vision remains the same: to be the leader in delivering the highest quality care through exemplary services and processes to the exclusive benefit of the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

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