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Pine Creek Medical Center is designed to care for patients who require services on an inpatient or outpatient basis, including:

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Digital Smart OR


160809 Pine Creek 457 1024x681 - Specialties & ProgramsPine Creek Medical Center offers a fully integrated operating room system, engineered to meet the needs of your surgical team. Our Digital Smart OR is a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use OR system that enables nurses in the operating room to monitor and control various devices and imaging technologies from a single point at the nurse’s station.

With Digital Smart OR, there is seamless integration of surgical devices such as:

  • surgical lights
  • flat screen monitors
  • imaging technology
  • hospital information systems

With control of all these devices, our surgical team can easily view critical patient data, such as PACS or MRI images on side-by-side flat screen monitors.

In addition, our system enables nurses and physicians in the OR to have on-site and off-site conferencing capabilities. Using state-of-the-art digital audio and video processing, real-time communication is within reach. Our system can control requests for conferencing, and a privacy feature assures patient privacy.


If you are seeking access to the US healthcare system and highly-skilled top physicians without the burden of high costs, Pine Creek Medical Center is your Answer! PCMC facilitates procedures where you can find low cost access to state-of-the-art US healthcare and technology for domestic and international patients in the heart of the major metropolitan area of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Why choose Pine Creek Medical Center?


If you seek high quality healthcare solutions or simply exploring more affordable options for yourself, family, or a friend, Pine Creek can provide access to both. Contact our medical tourism division at 214-351-8475 today for more information and allow our healthcare coordinators to assist you in selecting a treatment option and specialist that is best for you.


Pine Creek’s physician managed facilities promote operational efficiency and cost savings for our clients. By partnering with Pine Creek, employers are able to control healthcare costs while providing employees with significant healthcare savings for quality care.


At Pine Creek, we can provide cost saving options that can reduce healthcare costs for individuals, companies and employees.

We strive to help expedite care for patients coming to Pine Creek and provide full concierge service for domestic and international patients who chose to receive their health care at Pine Creek.