How to Combat Allergies in Dallas

How to Combat Allergies in Dallas

Did you know that more than 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies? Allergies are a common condition. They are triggered by allergens that invade the mucosal surfaces in our noses. Our bodies then mount immune responses that result in characteristically uncomfortable symptoms of itchiness and sneezing. Most people associate allergies with spring and summer. However, the seasonal variation occurs largely because people spend more time outdoors during these seasons. Spring is also associated with a host of pollens and dust in the air, especially in cities like Dallas. Dallas ranks among the top cities in the United States for allergies according to The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Living in DFW, it is important that you know the best ways of dealing with allergies. This article outlines some of those.

Get medication for seasonal allergies

There are several forms of medications that can be used to manage allergies. From eye drops to antihistamines, your choice of treatment will depend on the type of allergy you have. Although most prefer to use over the counter drugs, it is recommended that you visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for the most appropriate medication for you. Should you prefer not to go to the doctor’s, then it is advised that you read the medication label to ensure it is the best for you.

Clean your curtains and vacuum regularly

Dust usually settles on carpets and curtains and this can be a triggering factor. It is therefore important that you vacuum and clean your curtains. It is also important that you clean your countertops as dust also settles here. Consider wearing a mask or having  a cleaning crew vacuum for you, so you can avoid triggers.

Close the windows at home

While most people think that opening the windows to let free flow of air in and out of a room prevents allergies, it does quite the opposite. When the windows are open, dust flows in and settles on surfaces. It is recommended that you use a blower on the central air unit instead. It uses less power than the A/C and circulating air passes through a filter.

Avoid driving with your car windows open

Just like it is with the windows, it is recommended that you run the car ventilation system instead of lowering the windows down to recirculate the air.

Avoid allergy triggers such as irritating odors and fumes that can irritate the lining of your nose and eyes

There are several triggers to allergies. They include irritant chemical fumes from cleaning products, paints, gasoline, automobile exhaust, insecticides, and aerosol products. Avoid practices such as smoking especially in packed rooms. Depending on whether you are triggered, it is advised that you avoid scented soaps, perfumes

Avoid mowing the grass and cutting weeds!

While spring may be the most appropriate period to cut some weed and mow your lawn, it is advised that you avoid it. You can hire someone to help you do the activities that get you exposed to pollen.