Can Sinus Surgery Help?

Can Sinus Surgery Help?

Asthma, Sinusitis, and Allergies: Can Sinus Surgery Help?

In the recent years, there has been increasing cases of allergies, asthma, and sinus problems. While its primary cause is still unknown, many health professionals suspect that it might be due to the environment that is getting more and more polluted.

Some, however, debate that these conditions have to do with many people being ‘too clean’ to the point that they become sensitive to little amount of dirt or allergens. So, when they get exposed to it, the immune system immediately recognizes it as a ‘foreign substance’ and quickly develops a defensive reaction towards it.

Although it may, or may not be the real cause, certain strategies were developed to prevent the increasing number of asthmas, allergies, and sinusitis.

Asthma, Sinusitis, and Allergies

Allergies occur when an individual’s immune system reacts to the substances (allergens) in the environment that might be harmless to other people. These substances include dust, pollens, animal dander, and dust mite excretions. People with allergies to any of these allergens can develop an immune reaction called an ‘allergic reaction.’

When bad allergies are not treated immediately, they can lead to asthma or chronic sinusitis, which is the inflammation of the sinuses. These conditions cause airway problems.

What is a Sinus Surgery?

Unlike other forms of surgery, where a non-functioning part or a diseased organ is removed; sinus surgery involves the creation and re-routing of the pathways in the sinuses.

The old techniques for sinus surgery involve removal of the diseased or damaged sinus lining and tissues to improve the natural drainage of mucus, pus, and other exudates. This is done by creating a drainage pathway for the infected material to be removed and drained out from the sinus cavities.

Nowadays, surgeons employ the use of endoscopic techniques to allow better visualization without the need for a large external incision. As a result, there is less bleeding, swelling, discomfort, pain, and a faster recovery.

Sinus Surgery: How Does it Help?

Recent developments and discoveries in treatment techniques have proven that early intervention reduces the risk of disease progression. There are also many pieces of evidence that verify the many benefits of sinus surgery.

Some of the many advantages include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Less facial pressure
  • Decreased risk for infections
  • Better airway conditions
  • Prevention of inflammation
  • Fewer chances of having nasal drainage
  • Improved quality of life

While sinus surgeries do not necessarily cure someone from being allergic to specific allergens, they do help by opening up airways and help the sinuses be drained of certain exudates such as pus or mucus before the condition becomes worse from infection.


It cannot be stressed more strongly that management and care after surgery are as equally important as the process of the operation itself. Surgeons, physicians, and all the other healthcare staff can only do as much. Like with any other type of surgical procedure, it is always up to the patient to share on how the treatment plan goes because it is part of the patients’ responsibility as well.

When to Have Sinus Surgery

Even though sinus surgery can help you with your allergies, chronic sinusitis, or asthma, we recommend you to use conservative treatments like medications to treat your problems first. If all of the non-invasive treatments failed, or if they are not a good solution to your health concern, then sinus surgery can be an excellent treatment method. Remember, always try non-invasive first before going into any surgery.

In some cases, however, the sooner some individuals take this step (sinus surgery), the fewer health problems and complications arise due to the allergies. For example, if asthma causes chronic fatigue, secondary to being unable to sleep from blocked sinuses, you can talk to your physician and try to consider getting a sinus surgery.

Sinus Surgery at Pine Creek Medical Center

To figure out if you should have sinus surgery, contact Pine Creek Medical Center today. Book an appointment with any of our asthma, sinus, or allergy specialist so we can have your problems taken care of! Our physicians are highly trained to diagnose, manage, and treat any Dallas allergies.




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